Introducing GenerEOS

Who are we?

GenerEOS is a social enterprise block producer candidate whose purpose is to promote and support scalable and extremely reliable block production whilst giving back block rewards to charities.

Our Mission

Re-engineer the way funds are distributed to charities, through the introduction of fully transparent smart contracts and DApps. This revolutionary way of bringing a community together as a co-operative is made possible by the EOS.IO platform. We strongly believe we are at the forefront of a new era of bringing decentralised technology into the mainstream.

Based out of Sydney, Australia

GenerEOS is founded by a team of like minded blockchain enthusiasts with diverse professional backgrounds and a passion to make a difference in the world by giving back.

Technical Infrastructure

Below diagram illustrates the infrastructure architecture that we at GenerEOS are working towards. We are using AWS and GCP cloud providers to set up our redundant fail-safe infrastructure. A load balancer connects our block producer infrastructure to the rest of the EOS block producer network. Additionally, cloud provider internal load balancers will provide failover within AWS and GCP respectively. A detailed solution is still in development and is being discussed with other BP candidates who are trying to solve the very same problem. Additionally to the producing nodes, we will provide an array of non-producing service nodes which are fully load-balanced across cloud providers and are used to serve EOS users such as DApps and Wallet implementations.

As with most block producer candidates our initial infrastructure set up for the mainnet launch day will look very different from what we envision as our medium-term ideal infrastructure. As a fully self-funded block producer candidate, we need to finely balance the computational, memory, storage and network requirement of the EOS.IO network with our financial risk appetite. We have therefore opted for a cloud-based approach in our initial endeavours of being elected as an EOS.IO block producer. This provides us the required flexibility and agility needed before and shortly after the mainnet launch at a calculable financial risk. AWS instance types 1xe and GCP’s n1-ultramem series allow us to scale our nodes to 4TB RAM, 160 CPUs, 2x2 TB SSD and 25 Gbit of peek network bandwidth in a matter of minutes. By the time the EOS.IO network requirements outgrow established cloud providers’ hardware options, we will be in a financial position to architect, implement and maintain our own server centres and customise them to the specific needs of the EOS community.

In Dan Larimer’s latest Medium post he proposes to start with a much smaller RAM configuration than most BP candidates were planning to provide. Dan proposes to start with as low as 32 GB of RAM to avoid buying up all available RAM at once by investors speculating on increasing RAM prices. This approach is supported by Team GenerEOS but needs to be discussed with and agreed on by the community of block producer candidates. For more information on our infrastructure planning, testnet participation and  thoughts on the EOS BIOS process, please visit our GenerEOS steemit account.

Community Benefits

Charity Incubator GenerEOS will develop a dedicated incubator focused on creating highly scalable charity based dApps that are designed to change the fundamentals of Charity organisations.
Charity DAC GenerEOS intends to expand the first iteration of our dApp by entering the Charitable DAC space and providing a system that benefits the community.
Meeting the Community Team GenerEOS are active participants at Sydney’s Crypto meetup events. Our Community and Content Partner, Tai, runs the Crypto Traders Sydney meetup, where attendees gather to discuss Crypto trading, Technology and developments, including EOS, in a relaxed and friendly setting.
dApp Charity Pool GenerEOS will develop a smart contract and dApp that allows the public to vote on how to distribute the funds amongst a curated and vetted list of beneficiaries. We intend to distribute voting tokens – these tokens will have no financial value, we will give them away freely and they may be used to vote freely.

Latest News

The future of POOR – A Community Proposal

What is POOR? The poormantoken was created to address an early need in the EOS ecosystem. As RAM prices skyrocketed during early speculation airdrops required as much as $250,000 USD to be completed. Many airdrops also see very low user participation making these high...

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Horus Pay now on EOSToolKit – New Features

Horus Pay is now available on GenerEOS is proud to introduce yet another new feature on Now you can stake and unstake HorusPay and well as claim ECASH. What is Horus Pay? Horus Pay is a decentralised Global Payroll Portal that allows...

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GenerEOS Official Partner of the WORBLI Network!

GenerEOS partners up with the Worbli Network GenerEOS are strong believers in Block.One and Daniel Larimer's vision of having exponential blockchains that communicate together as one. We believe sister chains and daughter chains of the EOS mainnet are extremely...

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ANNOUNCEMENT: Next POOR Snapshot – August 31st!

The Poorman Token (POOR) "Airgrab" was invented as an opt-in alternative to the well-known “Airdrop” model. RAM is an essential component for dApp developers, especially when conducting Airdrops. The high cost of Airdrops has created a high barrier to entry, creating...

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EOS Help Desk – GenerEOS x Blockgenic

Introducing The EOS Help Desk! We have teamed up with Blockgenic to create a comprehensive EOS Help Desk for everything EOS related. After building there have been endless requests for technical and non-technical issues that token holders are facing on a...

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