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Airdrops! The current state of EOS accounts


Last Updated: August 10, 2018

A Snapshot in Time – EOS accounts for airdrops

Many airdrops to date have taken advantage of the “Genesis” snapshot that populated the EOS network based on the original ERC-20 token distribution. This has the advantage of being a specific well known point in time.

However, for future airdrops, now that the network has unlocked, people are buying, selling, transferring EOS, creating new accounts, etc. The whole account landscape is very different.

Preparing for the Poorman Token airgrab/airdrop test that occurs tomorrow (July 11th) we have been developing tools to take new snapshots, and complete airdrops using new criteria (for example based on airgrab, number of votes, staked EOS, etc).

Sharing the data

Here’s some of the data we found taking the snapshot today. We hope you find this data useful.

Criteria Accounts
Total accounts 196134
Over 10 EOS 140728
Over 100 EOS 86106
Over 1000 EOS 25429
Over 10000 EOS 4010
Poorman signups 1039
Voted 30 prods 4384
Voted 25+ 5048
Voted 20+ 5940
Voted 1-19 13039
Uses proxy 309
Proxy 30 130
Proxy 25+ 190
Proxy 20+ 216
Proxy 1-19 81


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