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Check your AirDrop balances with


Last Updated: July 11, 2018

Check Your EOS AirDrop Balances – Added

EOS.IO Airdrops have inarguably become one of the most discussed topics among the community over the last few months. We are firm believers that the EOS Airdrop model will quickly outpace and outperform the ICO model. Presently, most Airdrops have occurred on Ethereums ERC-20 token, but now that the EOS mainnet is launched and stable we are about to see an influx of Airdrops occur on the EOS native token.

We have seen many requests within the community for ways that EOS token holders can check what Airdrops they have received on EOS.IO. To help the community we have added this feature to our

check airdrop.PNG


  1. Head over to
  2. Click Find Accounts tab
  3. Enter in your 12 character Account name or EOS public key
  4. Hit the Search button
  5. In the Token Balances section underneath the eosio.token you will see your airdrop balance has many other features check out this article to get an overview!


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