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EOS MainNet Go Vote and Next Steps


Last Updated: July 9, 2018

EOS Mainnet gets the Go Vote!

Team GenerEOS are excited to announce that EOS Mainnet Launch Group has voted GO for unlocking the EOS Blockchain.

Team GenerEOS met with the other Block Producer Candidates from around the world over the last week to discuss issues and participate in the GO – NO GO VOTEs.
In the most recent meeting, for the first time, 2/3 plus 1 the Block producer candidates voted “GO”.

Which means we have met the final hurdle to allow us to unlock the EOS Blockchain.

So on June 10th 2018 at 13:00 UTC, the Eos Mainnet Launch Group will attend the Validation call to confirm no bugs were found and that the chain to be launched is A-OK.
In Sydney that is Sunday 11pm, In Shanghai it will be 9pm, New York 9am and in Los Angeles it will be an early 6 am.

Once the chain has been unfrozen, all registered token holders are able to vote.
And this step is critical because 150 million tokens or 15% off all tokens are required to be voted for the different Block Producer Candidates which will unlock the EOS blockchain making it LIVE.

So the sooner all you EOS token holders VOTE, the sooner the Chain goes LIVE and tokens can be moved around.

We are so excited that the EOS miannet will shortly become a reality!
In the meantime, we’re preparing a HOW TO VOTE tutorial so click subscribe and the notification bell to be alerted when we post it.

See you soon and remember a Vote for Team GenerEOS is a vote for charity!


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