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GenerEOS Introduces Dapp Weekly our latest series — Prospectors the Game

Last Updated: January 5, 2019

Prospectors the Game is moving to EOS!

Playing games is fun but now there is a game that you can play & generate income! Prospectors have 110 Million PGL tokens to be mined in game. Whilst displaying a nicely detailed UI with graphics that match the timelines, along with standards and economic models from the 19th & 20th Centuries, the wait for Prospectors has been worthwhile.

Prospectors a MMORTES

Currently in Phase 3 of Beta Testing, Prospectors is a Massive Multiplayer Online Real- Time Economic Strategy (MMORTES) game that utilizes an in-game cryptocurrency. This allows users to be part of a active income stream. How that is done exactly is by playing the game, as you accumulate Gold users can convert in game Gold for the PGL tokens. There are suggestions in the White Paper that Passive income might be implemented by the use of Organizations.

Players can unite within the organization. When there is consensus among players, the game will create an organization that will belong to the players. Through voting and consensus, players will be able to choose, and afterward change (if necessary) the management of the organization. They will also provide the management with certain authorities and some amount of gold. The organization can operate this amount in the game and divide it as between the members according to their shares.”

Prospectors has a defined structure to it, including the economic model of the second part of the 19th & 20th Centuries. It must be mentioned that Prospectors is a extensive game and not all aspects are covered in detail. The Prospectors Team understand the direction they need to go and the limitations that they have. Prospectors went as far as to speak with experts in these fields for accurate gaming mechanics that replicate how trade & economic processes were done back in that time period.

Another amazing touch is the 110 Million PGL tokens that are within the game. A Cap of 220 Million PGL (Prospector Gold) exist and it’s not a random number either. The 220 Million mirrors the quantity of gold on Earth. The Prospector Team have replicated an “X” amount of gold based on Earth and set that as the Gold amount within the game.

The world that Prospectors lives in is only going to get deeper. Technology Trees, Alliances, Joint Commercial Organizations, Banks, Stores, Transport, Railways there is so much more to come! But what’s the objective of the game I hear you ask! It’s simple, gather up as much gold as possible!

The Team

At the time of writing the Prospectors Team is currently putting together their profiles, these will be added shortly to their site. We do know that the CEO of Prospectors is Nazar Chervinskiy. The Project Manager of Prospectors is Nazar Rubashnyy who has been active in the main Telegram along with the other Team members. The group consists of 12 team members.

Reason behind Prospectors

As stated by their White Paper, Prospectors came about from the attempt “to create a reality in the form of the blockchain based economic strategy with game time monetization”. The rise of gambling Dapps also has been a focal point for the Team. Creating a more diverse, interactive game with monetized rewards based on heavily researched history is going to cause a positive stir. Also aiming at a genre of game where RTS (Real Time Strategy) has always been a winner with a majority of game markets on PC.


Time of writing this article is a day after the 3rd Phase of Development release, where 1200 users are lucky to participate within game. Currently not on the EOS blockchain yet, the Prospectors Team have delivered this Phase of UI, Bug, Suggestion & Test generically online. Provide Email & Password & your playing the Beta, no Scatter support as yet.

Where do I sign up? Where do I purchase PGL tokens?

You can view their site by clicking Here. Abundant information can be found along with the White Paper, strongly suggest to read. An updated White Paper will be released in the next few weeks as a rough timeline. Joining their Main Telegram Channel will allow users to ask the Team questions around the game. Frequent updates are also posted in their telegram group. To keep up to date join the Announcements Channel. Phase 3 info & reports from users will be posted in the Main Telegram Channel, a great source of information.

People who wish to join the next Phase must keep an eye out for the upcoming announcements.

PGL Tokens are available at Bancor , Newdex, Idex. Scrolling down to the bottom of their homepage will display all current Exchanges. As PGL is currently an ERC20 token, a migration tool & steps have been provided. Follow the details on their page.


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