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GenerEOS Making Airdrops Accessible

Last Updated: August 25, 2018

EOS Airdrop Tools

Team GenerEOS believes in making EOS Airdrops accessible for the entire community. This includes allowing dApp developers the ability to Airdrop their tokens to EOS token holders without the need for huge amounts of capital.

If you have been following our updates on and Githubyou would have noticed that we have added many Airdrop Tools. Let’s take a look at a few new tools we released today on Github.

New Airdrop Features

  • takeNames: This allows users to get all the name accounts in the entire EOS network and export it out into a .csv file
  • takeSnapshot: Using the names from the takeNames feature users will now be able to retrieve more detailed information for EOS accounts holders. These will include the amount of EOS staked and unstaked, whether they have voted or elected to proxy vote and any airgrab registration they have participated in. This information will be presented in a .csv file
  • paySnapshot: using the snapshot created users are now able to issue token distributions and payments

You can review the code of our tools on our Github

How do these tools affect the future of EOS Airdrops

Up to date EOS token holders have been receiving numerous Airdrops based off the initial genesis snapshot. This means, if EOS token holders held an EOS token balance in a registered account when the snapshot was taken then they would still be receiving airdrops to that account even after they have moved their tokens out of that account. Likewise, thousands of new EOS accounts have been created since mainnet launch and users have moved their tokens from exchanges into those privately controlled accounts.

With the implementation of our Airdrop tools it will allow dApp developers to issue tokens to EOS token holders based off a live or more recent snapshot of their EOS token holdings. This will help to to reward the current EOS token holders within the community. Furthermore, it will provide dApp developers with more flexibility on how their tokens are distributed. For example, they will now be able to choose whether they would like to Airdrop only to EOS token holders who have voted for a certain number of BPs. There are many combinations that can be tested. We will be testing some of these with our POOR Tokens.

Live Case Study – Poorman Token

Some of you may remember we have introduced our Poorman Token (POOR) as the first EOS Airgrab. We will test the POOR token ‘Airgrab’ model as a solution to the high prices of RAM for dApp developers.

We are proud to say that after 2 weeks we have over 1000 registrants for the Airgrab. We were able to successfully drop our token to the registrants using our We were able to distribute tokens based off a snapshot of the registrants current EOS account balance at the time of registration and distributed our POOR token at a ratio of 1:1.

Helping dApp Projects

GenerEOS are currently helping a number of dApp projects deploy Airdrops and Airgrabs with our tools and are happy to continue to help the dApp community grow and open doors for a wider audience. We feel that Airdrops and Airgrabs will play a huge part in the growth of the EOS ecosystem and some features that we have highlighted today will change the way EOS Airdrops are distributed in the future. If you are planning to launch an Airdrop or Airgrab, we invite you to contact us for any support with our tools. Feel free to reach out via email contact@ or our Telegram channel


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