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Last Updated: August 17, 2020


Recruit Blockchain Influencers to become Reward Proxy owners on


1000 GEN for an Influencer that has at least 1000 subscribers/followers on on Youtube or Twitter and an additional 1 GEN for every 10 subscribers/followers thereafter. For Example, if you on board Ivan on Tech who has 243,000 subscribers on youtube, you will earn 1000+(242,000/10)*1 = 25200 GEN. There are no maximum limits on influencer subscriber amounts but there is a minimum, which is 1000 subscribers.


Must send a comprehensive screenshot of the conversation with yourself and the official influencer account, proving that you are the recruiter. The Influencer must be a real account (we will verify) and have also registered on the site as a rewards proxy. Please email all evidence to for verification. This promotion will end on the first GEN halving event on the 27/10/2020.

Useful Resources for Recruitment


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