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GenPool Spotlight Series – AMA Special with DeFis.Network (DFS)

Last Updated: December 17, 2020

Welcome back all to the third edition of the GenPool Spotlight blog series, and what a special edition it is.  Although generally we use this series to touch base with various Block Producers, proxies, and dApps in an effort to open an avenue in the lines of communication between the various facets of the EOS community, what makes this episode different is this will be part one of a special two part live series in collaboration with the DeFis Network team.  

For this episode then, GenerEOS has been the proud host of a community AMA with the DeFis Network team in the GenerEOS telegram channel.  The AMA was a resounding success and has been reproduced here in full – although cleaned up a little from the random telegram messaging frenzy – for all to have a look through and see.  

AMA with DFS

Tim | GenerEOS: Hello and Welcome Everyone!

We are now hosting the DFS overseas community manager and marketing specialist @opa001 at our AMA event today. Big thanks to the DFS team for making this AMA happen with us. DFS is shaking things up in the De-fi space and we are lucky to have them call EOS home.

Our program consists of 4 Segments:

In the First Segment, GenerEOS will ask some questions about the DFS project – the chat will remain closed throughout this section. 

In the Second Segment, we will open the chat and get your questions.  DFS will answer as many as possible

In the Third segment, a sneak preview, any announcements or things to look forward to from DFS

In the fourth segment, we will finalize and close out the AMA

Now lets begin the first segment!

Ralf Weinand | GenerEOS || TelosGermany:

Looking forward to it! ?

Tim | GenerEOS:

@opa001 Can you please introduce yourself once again to the community?

Opa (Defis Network), [Dec 15, 2020 20:01:46]:

Hi everyone. Right on time. Thank you for this opportunity.

I’m Opa, and I’m part of DFS and YFC team. Currently I’m acting as the social media overseas manager and also part of the marketing team.  I have been with the project since its inception.  To add more, I have been gathering experience in the crypto space for the past 5 years 🙂

Tim | GenerEOS;

Thats awesome! We have been following closely and its amazing to see how fast your team has grown!  Can you please tell us what the latest updates are and what your current achievements have been so far?

Opa I Defis Network:

Thank you Tim.  Hmmm.  So many to say.  So how about we start with TAG :). Seems its attention is huge at the moment.

TAG Qiuhe system has been launched since Double Eleven. In a month or so, I received everyone’s support and love.

We heard the voice of resistance and saw everyone’s actions.

The data speaks for itself, and the 58 million EOS agent has greatly exceeded expectations.

The high-yield TAG LP mining pool that has not collapsed for 30 consecutive days has subverted everyone’s understanding of the second pool of mining coins.

In just one month, the following results have been achieved:

TAG’s proxy ticket warehouse dfsbpsproxy1 reached 58.7 million EOS. 4655 people participated in the vote. The TAG/LP pot broke through 1 million EOS, with 989 participants.

On November 17th, bp.dfs received more than 53 million votes, ranking 68th, and successfully received the first candidate node minimum guarantee: 103 EOS

On December 1st, bp.dfs was supported by the official 95 million ticket warehouse of b1. Accumulatively received more than 230 million votes, ranking 25th

Wealth management products of YFC product series were launched, and the total funds involved in wealth management reached 2.5 million EOS

The tp nodes and key nodes supported by the tag ticket warehouse have successively entered the prize candidate node area and successfully received the node income

Excellent nodes and project parties at home and abroad came to join one after another, expressing their ideas and willingness to build communities and ecology together

With the launch of the node evaluation system, there is a communication environment between the node and the community. Voting is no longer blind.

With the fermentation of the collective wisdom of the community, the Le Donation System has upgraded and expanded its functions, and launched a new version that can be liked and responded to. The decentralized pure-chain social application has initially shown its embryonic form.

The music donation system is continuously updated to support the display of advertising spaces, loudspeakers, video, audio, pictures, and moving pictures. A community autonomous chain content community based on the token economic model is ready to emerge.

See also The Road to Decentralization of DFS

Tim | GenerEOS:

That is certainly one that is getting people’s attention lately. Pretty cool.  Amazing btw. I have to admit I haven’t seen this much activity in the EOS space for a long time.

Can you please tell us how big the DFS ecosystem is, and why does your team maintain anonymity?

Opa I Defis Network:

Of course

We have different communities in support of DFS’s, on WeChat, on Telegram, and on Twitter.

Currently we have our major dominance in China, and of course it is growing rapidly.  As a complete decentralized platform we have people across the world supporting the idea of DFS.

To answer your other question regarding being anonymous, to reveal our true identity, we have to complete some legal requirements.

However that’s not an issue, because truly DFS wasn’t a pre-mined token, NO ICO,

and no pre-sales.  This is driven by the community itself – volunteer’s across the space

DFSnetwork is actually making EOS great!

Tim | GenerEOS:

Interesting. I’m always keen to see how teams are navigating the legal landscape in the blockchain space. It’s not an easy road, that’s for sure!

I have seen the campaign about making EOS great again. Can you please tell us more about this and your BP voting system?

Opa l Defis Network]:

Yes that’s super true 🙂 I really think as time goes by, step by step, that will be sorted out. However we just want to focus on the true spirit of decentralization.

Regarding making EOS great again and the voting system, it has been massive, however we need your support

The steps are easy, we implore everyone to support and vote for DFS node.Currently we’re the second biggest proxy.  We have managed to develop a reward structure superior to a voting pool, that’s what has given us the edge

Tim | GenerEOS]:

Yes, it has certainly continued to climb which has all the BPs attention (mine included) ?. I like that it’s getting people involved in voting as well and not just pure APR.

Opa l Defis Network:

Yes absolutely.  TAG has been acting as a purely decentralized asset issuance platform.

Tim | GenerEOS]:

If you don’t mind can you tell me more about your future marketing plans?

Opa l Defis Network:

In summary, we actually have a lot to do as the technical team develops the product.

Currently we’re looking at extending the AMA in other communities by this month and next month.  We’re also working on making available all our publications and App in English text.  Together with this, we’re looking at more collaborations from different impacting projects in the crypto space.  

We’ll also be having massive campaigns by February 2021 on Twitter.  Currently we’re reaching out to as many projects and volunteers in and outside the EOS Ecosystem to build DFSnetworks all together

Our marketing plans are quite aggressive and flexible.  Remember we don’t believe in whitepapers – We believe in code and get results, thus that’s the fundamental goal of our marketing.  You can’t market an empty space haha.

Tim | GenerEOS]:

Haha, ya, tell that to the ICO’s in 2017! And that’s awesome. We are always here to help translate and work on bridging the West and East.

Opa l Defis Network:

Thank you Tim, I really appreciate your first article, caught my attention in a very special way.

We don’t want to be an EOS BP champion but rather build a pure decentralized development, where everyone will push market and spread the word about DFSnetwork

Tim | GenerEOS:

Is the development of DFS open source?

Opa ₿ l Defis Network:

Of course… Haha

Tim | GenerEOS:

Nice! ?

Do you see more Defi happening on the EOS mainnet and why did you choose to build on EOS?

Opa l (Defis Network:

Anyone can actually contribute to DFS.  And yes, I see this, it is easy to build a true DeFi system on EOS as the scalability is quick and sharp. I’m not outrightly condemning other blockchains, but EOS has got the best infrastructure for this.  We can’t achieve as much as we did on other blockchains, that is for sure.

Tim | GenerEOS:

[Giant heart eyed emoji] For my last question before we hand it over to the community, this one is a little bit on the fun side provided that is ok?!? So ya, what price do you think EOS will be in 5 years (not financial advice of course) ?

Opa l Defis Network:

Haha ?  C’mon not a financial advice, so I’m free to say.  $dfs will be the next bitcoin in price movement [Giant smiley face].

Tim | GenerEOS]:

Haha nice! I look forward to it!

And now with all the easy questions out of the way, it’s time for the second segment where Opa will try to answer as many questions as possible from the community tuning in. Fire away people ??

Opa l Defis Network

Let’s do it people!!

[For reasons on anonymity we have simply stated the second segment in question/answer form, with each question coming from a differing community member and all answers coming from OPA]

Question: In your time with DFS, what’s the most major milestones [achieved] and major setbacks faced, and how did you overcome them?

Opa l Defis Network:  In regards to major milestones,  DFSnetwork is less than 6 months old and has not just developed for itself, but for the whole EOS ecosystem. I can say we are proud to have contributed so much to be known by many people within such a short while, and being the second biggest proxy is quite a good thing too, haha.  To add to that a little more, the mechanism of TAG and YFC has been quite noticeable.

As for setbacks, yes, we got some minor bugs, but the good thing is that even the community members are ready to contribute in fixing them.

Question:  Can you tell us the motivation and benefits for investors to hold the DFS token for the long term?

Opa l Defis Network:

Of course yes 🙂  Nobody would ever believe in a just theoretical project. It’s very OBVIOUS DFSnetwork is a working tool and not just a project no longer.  So thus, that should be a motivation for hodlers.  

Question: How will DFS empower Investors, Companies, Developers, and Platform Users to deliver impactful solutions and bring value to people all over the world?

Opa l Defis Network:  Very good question, I’ll admit.  Tbh, we’re having a huge number of collaborators and investors from all regions, not just in China.  We had some huge donations. I’ll refer you once again to this (TAG Qiuhe system answer above).

Question: How optimistic are you of the future use-case of DFS compared to when it started? How will content on the platform be priced? Is there any chance that the content will be overpriced? Who will oversee the price system?

Opa l Defis Network: If you mean pricing of tokens under DFS… well, the market force and activities on the platform will drive that.  But sure, it will be progressive

Question: Hi Opa! Could you please explain how your bank module works? How is it that the collateral used to mint the stable coin is 100% safe? Thanks.

Opa l Defis Network:

In a simple feedback, you can see all activities on the blockchain.  Nobody will cheat on each other or manipulate any action, if that’s what you think 🙂

Question: The role Community members play in any project for it to achieve its goals and objectives cannot be overemphasized. Can you briefly tell us how much you value your community members?  For example, how proactive are you in addressing complaints among your community members? And what plans are you putting in place to ensure endless support is being given to the community?

Opa l Defis Network:

Haha, c’mon. Maybe I will need to let you know we’re all part of DFSnetwork.  Your DFS token is your voting power.  This is completely democratic haha.  We can’t destroy what we love.  We can’t value less, what we’re part of.

Tbh, the DFS tech guys are super active in feedback.  Personally, If I encounter any technical problems from the community, I’ll ensure I pass it on to the technical guys, and get that resolved asap.

Question:  I see people and users seeing a community money maker in DEFI. Few see the charity opportunity in the blockchain. What do DFS think about this?

Opa l Defis Network:  This is quite interesting.  I would so much love if you share with me more knowledge on this right after the AMA In PM.

Tim, I think I have covered most questions within the shortest amount of time.

Tim | GenerEOS:  Thanks everyone for the questions, I’m sorry if all of them did not get answered but time is money and we must press on. Now for the third segment.  Opa, can you give us any sneak previews, any announcements, or things to look forward to from DFS?

Opa l Defis Network: WIll be working on community expansion.  User based expansion in all regions. The integrating of more wallets as well as redefining the rewards and donations mechanisms.

I’ll share with the community shortly our recent announcement, it is worth the read.

And thank you guys, for hosting DFSnetwork.  Tim, I’m looking forward to host you in DFSnetwork Community channel in a few days.  Once again, thank you and I appreciate the little time spent

Tim | GenerEOS:  Awesome, I look forward to it!  On behalf of GenerEOS and our community, we would like to give a massive thank you to Opa for answering our questions and shedding some light on the DFS project and what’s to come. Please stay tuned as we will be announcing a GenerEOS AMA in the DFS community in the coming days and we hope to see you all there ?  Also, we will post a summary of this AMA in our blog so keep a look out for that.

And as for what is to follow, well that will be part 2 where the roles will be reversed and GenerEOS will be in the spotlight.  Please tune in over at the DFS telegram channel at 9pm GMT+1 on December 22, 2020 and feel free to ask us whatever is your desire.  Of course for our next episode we will once again reproduce all the questions and answers here for all to see, but for those that have questions for us in real time please do pop on over and let them fly.  Until that time again then, do take care and enjoy all that that may entail!!


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