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GenPool Spotlight Series – EOS Nation

Last Updated: February 22, 2021

GenPool Spotlight with EOS Nation

Welcome to another edition of GenPool Spotlight; a series designed to better connect and inform through opening lines of communication between the EOSIO community, Block Producers, Proxies and dApps. Through our interviews it is the hope of the GenerEOS team that we can get a more personalized view of the various entities in the space that are working towards a better tomorrow in all that they do within the EOSIO ecosystem, whatever aspects these may be.

For this episode we are happy to be joined by Yves La Rose and the team of EOS Nation, a leading EOSIO block producer on the EOS mainnet as well as across other EOSIO chains.  EOS Nation holds it as their mission and is committed to leading and contributing the charge towards securing these blockchains with reliable infrastructure enabling the building of a global community equipped with the tools and resources to thrive.  Without further ado then, here is the relay of our interactions with Yves La Rose and the EOS Nation team.

Why EOS and how long have you been active in the EOS space?

EOS Nation formally joined the EOS ecosystem early in 2018 however, EOS Nation founders have been members of the EOS community since the first day of the token sale. Those interested in learning why we are big supporters of EOS can read this article “What is EOS and Why should you care?” written by our CFO, Vincent Grenier.

Can you tell us a bit about your background and who is in the team?

EOS Nation started off as 7 like minded passionate individuals and has grown to over 60 members in various roles and positions over the past 3 years. You can read a more detailed biography of team members’ website team section.

What are your key focus areas and have they changed since you first became a BP?

EOS Nation’s mission has remained to be known as a leader on EOS. Being the best means providing outstanding performance and reliability while giving more value to the community in various ways.

On the technical front, EOS Nation is always pushing the limits of its infrastructure, optimizing and automating processes. We also test the EOSIO code updates published by as soon as they are released, and more often than not, prior to their release as we work closely throughout the process. We provide ongoing feedback so that adjustments can be made to assure smooth network upgrades. Our other areas of focus are to create open-source code for the community and help educate the community so that the network can strive and succeed in the long term. We collaborate with different entities, such as government agencies and academic institutions  to build prototypes and test the technology so that we can integrate it faster into many industries. Our focus is to assure the adoption of EOS globally.

What is your infrastructure setup and how has it changed over time?

We’ve grown our infrastructure to meet the demands of the various networks we produced on. For an indepth look at the architecture and the history on how we got there, you can read this article.

What was the most exciting project you have worked on in the EOS space?

The most exciting project ever on EOS was the launch of the network itself. We participated and acted as a key pillar throughout the launch of the network to assure that all parties involved could communicate, collaborate and arrive at a consensus on decisions.

What projects are you currently working on and what can we look forward to?

We continue to expand our services to other prominent EOSIO networks. For example, we have been working as a block producer for the Ultra Blockchain, a gaming platform that will integrate a full suite of services that will allow gamers to monetize their time and own and trade digital in-game assets and do much more.

We are very excited about DeFi on EOS! We have been releasing DeFi products and different open-sourcing DeFi building blocks in the EOS ecosystem. For example, we continuously expand and grow the platform which is quickly becoming the go-to portal for EOS users looking for an experience which has evolved past the transitional “block explorer” feel. 

We are also expanding our focus to NFTs by creating and programming NFTs as a service via our DotGem NFT branch. We’ve recently introduced our dotGems Monthly, a digest of all the excitement coming up for the dotGems collectors and creatives, published each and every month both as part of the EOS Hot Sauce, and as a standalone publication. Our dotGems Monthly publications will offer an overview of recent, upcoming and noteworthy NFT activities related to dotGems. You’ll hear about our events, sales, challenges, collaborations, featured artists and more.

dotGems’ mission is to build a community of collectors and creatives that are active in the world of EOSIO based NFTs.

We are also working with various universities in Canada to build functional prototypes on the EOS mainnet directly. We recently completed three prototypes, two with the University of Sherbrooke involving forteen developers, EOS Finance & EOS Shareholding, you can read more about it here. The most recent one is with the Polytechnique of Montreal where five developers worked on creating an event platform similar to EventBrite but creating event tickets using NFTs. We are currently expanding our internship program in the East, stay tuned!

What are some killer DAPPs that you think could transform the blockchain industry?

A few key milestones need to be reached to transform the blockchain industry and assure its adoption. First, we need a robust network that scales and allows instant feeless transactions. Second, we need fiat currencies to be onboarded as stable coins and have central bank digital currencies interoperable with the network. Those stable currencies need to be highly liquid. Afterwards, the killer dApp we need is an identity layer. As soon as we have all of those key pillars, a fast scalable network, high liquidity of fiat currency on-chain and an identity layer, that’s when the industry will see an implosion of innovation start to take place which will lead to high adoption. That’s when the number of users using EOS will go from ten or hundreds of thousands to hundreds of millions. 

Where do you see EOS in 5 years and 10 years time?

In 5 to 10 years, we see EOS as the most trusted and used blockchain settlement layer. A humongous ecosystem of services where people all over the world can access and secure their wealth and have access to affordable and transparent financial services. We also see EOS as the trusted layer for governments and entities to publish open and public data.

If there is one shortcoming of EOS at the moment, what would you say it is and how could it best be resolved?

Marketing, on-chain liquidity, and the general lack of support and visibility from the rest of the crypto ecosystem. Deploying significant capital towards this will go a long way to close the gap that we’ve seen grow in the past two years.

If there is one thing you would like the community to understand about the advantages of EOSIO technology that other blockchains at present cannot compete with, what would it be and how can it best be applied in the present? 

The first and only battle tested live and functional blockchain 3.0 network, everything else remains theoretical.

Special thanks to Yves La Rose and the EOS Nation team for taking the time to connect with the community via GenPool Spotlight.  As for those that tuned in for this episode, as always thanks for your patronage and support, and don’t forget to check back soon for our next installment where we will continue peering under the hood of some of the great people and projects that help keep EOS and EOSIO continuing to tick.  

To learn more about EOS Nation or connect with them directly you can do so with the links below: 


EOS Hot Sauce Blog:




Thanks for joining us here on GenPool Spotlight and don’t forget to check back soon for our next installment where we will continue peering under the hood of some of the great people and projects that helps keep EOS and EOSIO continuing to tick. 

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