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Q1 2019 — An update from team GenerEOS

Last Updated: April 16, 2019

As we slowly escape from crypto winter 2018/19 the 1-year anniversary of the EOS Mainnet launch approaches. The Rise of EOS dapps, dividend tokens and the recent launch of EOS sidechains has had a huge impact within the EOS ecosystem. Block.One has also released EOS Labs which aims to share Open Source Software for developers on the EOS Blockchain and drive community innovation in the space. What a year it has been so far!

With so much happening and many more updates to come we thought we’d take the time to share with our loyal followers and supporters what we have achieved in Q1 of 2019 and what some of our plans for the months to come.

But first things first: The team at GenerEOS are actively preparing for EOS 1-year anniversary and are organising a united birthday video as well as a EOS birthday party here in Sydney. We’ve already received heaps of awesome video submissions from BP teams, dapp teams, and the wider EOS community from around the world (thanks heaps guys and girls!) If you haven’t submitted your video yet, make sure to send it through ASAP!

GenerEOS assisted Independent Reserve to list EOS

We are proud to have been in a position to help Independent Reserve, one of the leading exchanges in Australia, to list EOS as a trading pair to fiat on their exchange. We hope this leads the way in mass adoption of EOS for Australians.

Educative workshops at Australian Universities for EOSIO

For those of you who have been following our workshop series we have now run two separate workshops at the Western Sydney University where we dived into the EOSIO Blockchain and smart contract development as well as the Demux framework. We’ve also held introductory workshops at the University of Technology Sydney. For our most recent workshop check out the full article here.

We are growing the team

We have recently expanded our team and brought on Ignatius Widjaja who has already helped with our recent EOSIO Demux workshop series. He will primarily be focusing on development for GenerEOS such as eosio consulting work, infrastructure builds and (spoiler alert!) our CharityDAC.

Multi Chain Support and other EOSToolkit enhancements

In the first quarter of 2019 more and more side and sister chains have been launched based on EOSIO. We have now implemented a generic solution to support all those and further side and sister chains in our Currently, supports the EOS, Worbli, Telos and MeetOne Networks. Just switch to the network you want to interact with by selecting “Change Network” in the menu. Feel free to contact us if you would like us to support your network.

We have also made a lot of other improvements to the EOStoolkit such as multi-language support (English, Chinese, Russian, Vietnamese, Korean), new staking features for OpenBRM, BOID, pixEOS as well as the Billionaire token Airgrab.

GenerEOS joined the Meet.One Sidechain as a Block Producer

GenerEOS joined the Meet.One side chain and has been an active producer since day one. We are currently at position #9 (see We are committed to support and grow the Meet.One chain and we are excited to see the first exclusive dApps launch there soon.

Dapp support and promotion of EOSIO

GenerEOS are actively supporting other EOS community projects, such as EosPayout. We have also been a major launch partner for Emanate and we support the SignalX Trusted Token Offering (TTO). GenerEOS are also currently supporting several startups by providing technical advice in regards to EOSIO development.

Community work, Interviews and Videos

We have also been busy organising local meetups and creating relevant content for the EOS community.

Boid Project Interview

Infiniverse Interview

Murmur DApp Review and Tutorial

Worbli Token Claim Tutorial

Itam Games Online Store Review Video

GenerEOS Supports MEET.ONE Sidechain Video

How to Stake Prospectors (PGL) Tokens Video

PixEOS Staking and Gaming Model Video

EOSToolkit Adds New Languages Video

How to Stake Parsl Video

links to each of the interviews and videos produced in Q1 at the bottom

The road ahead

We have big plans for the future of EOS and GenerEOS. Here’s a sneak peak of what we’ll be working on in Q2 of 2019 and beyond.

  • Implement a CharityDAC: We are currently in the early setup phase.
  • Move towards bare-metal (or rather hybrid) server infrastructure
  • Integrate UAL (or Transit API) into
  • Further eostoolkit improvements and integrations
  • Onboarding Australian and House charities for our Block Rewards Donations Pool
  • We are working on more consulting projects and educative workshops
  • Competitions and sponsoring events of more dapps in the space
  • EOS 1 Year Anniversary Party (Video Series)

There’s no slowing down here as we work towards The Future of Giving.


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