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Worbli is Live!

Last Updated: December 26, 2018

Worbli has launched their blockchain

The Worbli Blockchain is now live, thanks to 21 Block Producers including team GenerEOS. In addition to the 21 BPs there are also 11 reserve block producers who will be participating in the blockchain.

As the blockchain is now live this means that developers can now build the next generation of applications using Worbli’s financial services network.

What is Worbli?

WORBLI is a financial services network that will bridge the gap between distributed ledger technology and mass adoption. Users will be able to easily buy, sell and store their digital assets through a simple account, whilst having access to a myriad of financially focused decentralised applications (dapps). Enterprises and developers will benefit from an innovative, regulatory compliant framework that leverages the EOSIO software, allowing them develop and deploy dapps on the network.

Wobli’s first block explorer

You can check out the top 21 Worbli BPs here on the first block explorer created by EOS Cafe Block and HKEOS here:

The Wobli Portal is coming soon

There have been some last minute updates for to the Wobli chain base code and many features have been built on top of it. Originally the Worbli Portal was planned to be released when the Blockchain went live. The portal is currently going through rigorous security tests and will be launched soon.

EOStoolkit will be integrated with Worbli

The EOSToolkit will also be supporting the Worbli Blockchain and adding in new features to accommodate for Worbli Users.

Here are the newest updates for the Portal Launch, Sharedrop Event and Wallet Support:

21st November, 2018 (12:00 GMT) — Portal Launch + Sharedrop Event:

-Users will be able to create and verify their WORBLI account (AML/KYC integration will be in place).
-Once users have verified their WORBLI account, they’ll be able to claim their WBI Sharedrop.
-Sharedrop recipients who create their WORBLI account between 21st-30th November 2018 will receive a 10% bonus on their sharedrop, up to a maximum of 10,000 WBI per user.

28th November, 2018 (12:00 GMT) — Wallet Support + Any Updates:

-Users will have wallet support for their WBI tokens.
-Other updates and features to the portal will be deployed.
-Send & Receive your WBI tokens.

GenerEOS is now producing Blocks on Worbli

GenerEOS among with the other 21 BPs have been helping Wobli setting up their main chain’s block production infrastructure. We are currently proud to be producing blocks on the Worbli Blockchain since its launch.

For more information on Wobli and what in stall next you can check our their website and join their telegram group below:


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