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GenerEOS snapshots Staked EOS Tokens!


Last Updated: December 26, 2018

Now you can take snapshots of Staked EOS!

Team GenerEOS who created EOSToolkit has delivered a new, exciting and more effective tool for their POOR snapshot. A normal snapshot take’s EOS public keys and balances. It’s the Liquid EOS and staked balance of the account that adds up to the total token balance.

A Hidden Gem

We are now capable to snapshot EOS that is staked in CPU & NET to other accounts. If you’ve staked EOS into CPU or NET to a friends account, your tokens will be caught in the snapshot! As long as you continue to Vote you will receive more POOR tokens each month.

GenerEOS has been able to find and retrieve more information based on EOS accounts. This information will include Staked and Unstaked EOS balances, along with users who have voted or used a proxy to vote and can determine if the user has participated in any Airgrabs.

Users are able to gather name accounts, e.g. Billmeeteos1, in the EOS network and export it as a .csv file. Users can also orchestrate payments and token distributions using the snapshot.

A more in depth and review of GenerEOS of the code can be found on our Github

Vote for Block Producers & Get Rewarded!

GenerEOS has brought along more incentive to vote in recent times. Voting for 25 BP’s minimum will grant you to be rewarded in Poorman tokens each month. The snapshots would be taken at an arbitrary undisclosed time near the end of each month. As the dates is not disclosed ahead of time this means that people don’t stake and vote only for the airdrop. Tokens within the EOS Ecosystem will also sponsor the smart contract “bepoornomore”. When you transfer your Poorman token to “bepoornomore”, your POOR will be BURNT from the supply and will exchange with the Sponsored token at the set rate.
E.g. 100 POOR: 1 KARMA

Remember, vote for 25 BP’s or more daily to be eligible. Snapshot is monthly at an undisclosed date or time. Do your research on BP’s and vote for the Progress of EOS!
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Help Us, Help You! At GenerEOS, we strive to deliver the most up to date & credible information to the EOS Community. Vote for us so we can continue our passion & continue giving to the EOS community.
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Help is here!

No matter what hurdle you come across or if you’re in general need of help, you can always come & join our Telegram channel. Or feel free to join us in our new & exciting EOSHelpDesk with additional Support! We will support you!


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