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GenerEOS WAX Guild Candidacy

Last Updated: May 28, 2022

We are pleased to announce (it’s about time!) our WAX guild candidacy “aus1genereos” on the WAX Blockchain. GenerEOS have been knocking around the EOSIO space since the very beginning when we created the first ever EOSIO web wallet EOSToolkit in early 2018, and since then, it has been a wild roller coaster ride of building new products, being a top 21 BP on the EOS mainnet and expanding our BP capabilities on other chains.

After launching Scarce in July of 2021, we have been heavily focusing in the NFT realm and of course that means working with our EOSIO NFT King brother WAX. Scarce is currently working in stealth mode on some killer products with some big names in the music industry, unfortunately that is all we can share at this stage in the game but rest assured it’s going to be COOL!.

Additionally, we have secured a partnership with Uplift World to become their BP representative on the WAX blockchain. This was a no-brainer as we have been working with the Uplift team since inception and share resources among our teams. The Uplift World is a community-first metaverse built on the WAX blockchain and running on Minecraft as a base layer.

Uplift has been open to landholders and those they add as members to their plots since April 2021 with over 8500 users and 306,000 NFTs minted on WAX. 


WAX Candidate Name: aus1genereos






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