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Qtest – Smart Contract Testing Library

Last Updated: October 5, 2022

As new blockchain developers and projects keep joining the EOS  ecosystem, the need for a high-quality and easy-to-use smart contract testing framework grows progressively. 

Several Smart Contract Testing tools have been developed for EOS in the last four years, however, due to factors such as lack of funding, being closed sourced, or fee-based, those projects have largely been abandoned by the developers or rejected by the market.

In order to improve and leap towards a more secure and reliable ecosystem, the GenerEOS team has developed Qtest – an open-source Javascript/Typescript-based Antelope smart-contract testing framework, with funding from Pomelo and the EOS Network Foundation. According to Stack Overflow’s 2020 Developer Survey, JavaScript currently stands as the most commonly-used language in the world (69.7%), while EOS’s native code language, C++ is 10th in the ranking (20.5%). JavaScript’s top-notch usability has the potential to accelerate and improve the project development process in terms of the EOS ecosystem and attract new developers with new ideas/opportunities.

Development of Qtest started in March 2022, during Pomelo Season 2. After receiving partial funding via Pomelo, in order to reach the required funding for developing the proposed feature-set, an application was submitted through the EOS Network Foundation Grant Framework. After providing a detailed project description, development roadmap, and details in terms of team background and future plans, ENF approved our proposal and we proceeded with the delivery. We are happy to announce that Qtest has now been completed and delivered within the outlined timeline, and the final product is publicly available via our GitHub page to all interested Antelope smart-contract developers.

Welcome to Qtest!

Qtest stands as the first completely free open-sourced Javascript/Typescript-based Antelope Smart Contract Testing Library. Noteworthy Features:

  • Ability to run tests in parallel
  • Supports the snapshot for EOS/WAX/TLOS with the latest system contracts out of the box
  • Supports testing on ARM/AMD architectures
  • Ability to insert/modify/erase data for each table
  • Update the chain time to fast-forward the chain and allow testing future states

More detailed information regarding the installation process, Qtest API, etc. can be found on the Qtest project page

Our team plans on maintaining the open source code base to ensure that it is up to date with the latest third-party libraries, frameworks, and software. We welcome code contributions as much as bug reports or feature requests. Additionally, we aim to actively research needs and existing opportunities in terms of market and ecosystem. We are ready to proactively keep adding competitive features to Qtest, as well as working with developers and users of Qtest to better understand any additional features needed for their projects.

About GenerEOS

GenerEOS are genesis block producers on EOS, Telos, Proton, Fio & UX mainnets and have been building and growing out the Antelope (formerly EOSIO) ecosystem since 2018. We have a strong team of passionate developers and entrepreneurs that love to operate on the bleeding edge of technology. We were the original developers of the open-sourced web-wallet which has served over 60,000 users and we are the developers behind a staking rewards platform built on EOS. 

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