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Genpool Spotlight with EOS Arabia

Last Updated: August 15, 2021

Welcome to another edition of GenPool Spotlight, where we go behind the scenes for exclusive interviews with some of the most dedicated EOSIO projects in the blockchain and crypto space. One of the most fascinating things about EOS, in fact, seems to be the ease in which it transcends borders towards a common goal to create a better, more efficient tomorrow.  It is with this in mind that we welcome our very first EOS BP based in the Middle East, EOS Arabia.

Why EOS and how long have you been active in the EOS space?  

We chose EOS because it’s easy to understand, simple to handle, flexible, and smoothly scalable.  We’ve had our skin in the game since the early EOS genesis days. In fact, our first post was on 25th July 2017. We are registered as a block producer on the EOS Blockchain. And we created the first group for supporting the Arab community via Telegram:

If you wouldn’t mind, could you tell us a bit about your background and who is on the team?

We are the only operators in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. We participated in the first TestNet on EOS, which if I recall correctly was “superheroes”. Previously, we’ve had great experience in operating servers and services in the Leading Arab companies. Our team consists of a blockchain developer, backend developers, a frontend developer, an infrastructure operator, a Unity game developer, a financial market analyst, and an instant translation and writer team for all news related to EOS and for writing and publishing articles about cryptos on Crypto Writer community.

What are your key focus areas and have they changed since you first became a BP?

We are interested in the technical aspect and focused on infrastructure and running and developing online games. Moreover, once we became a BP, our interest in the blockchain space, specifically on EOSIO, has increased significantly.

What is your infrastructure setup now and how has it changed over time? 

We can talk here about many variables depending on the evolution of the network. For example, at the level of EOS, we used to have many servers, but now it is only limited to a server that supports API and a server that supports P2P. They are constantly updated and available to all developers:;p2p_endpoint=y

Additionally, regarding the TestNet, we are one of the active participants and operators on the periodic updates related to EISIO. Which comes with its own set of infrastructure changes that best suit the update needs.

As for other networks, our infrastructure has changed a lot and is constantly changing. For example, we are one of the operators in the WAX and Telos networks with many servers and we support Hyperion which required server and infrastructure adjustments. As with Wax and Telos, we are also a BP on Proton, with a number of servers. There is always an infrastructure development to match the expansion that is taking place on all blockchains and we are proud to be a part of helping to enhance that process.  

What was the most exciting project you have worked on in the EOS space?

Due to the lack of funding and being out of the top 100 BPs on EOS, we have only maintained a ready and efficient server on both the test and mainnet. Accordingly, we provide support within the capabilities of instantaneous translation; translation of articles, and assistance to the Arab community through the Telegram channel. We actively participate and engage with the EOS community. This is of course adding infrastructure and serving developers with access and use of the network’s MainNet and TestNet through our API.

What projects are you currently working on and what can we look forward to?

We released an Android Wallet for WAX and we are working to make it work on all versions of EOSIO networks including Telos and Proton.  Additionally, we are working on a game that supports all EOSIO operating networks, to be ready to work on EOS, Telos, and WAX.

To spread the message of Daniel Larimer to the Arab world, we are working on a translation of the “More Equal Animals” book into Arabic.

What are some killer dApps that you think could transform the blockchain industry?

We believe that it is necessary to have a global identity project on the blockchain that serves communities and facilitates access to many applications through this identity. A great dApp project will be able to bring NFTs from different chains (e.g. ETH, EOS, Wax, Solana and Telos) into one common platform. This bridge will provide more liquidity in the EOS NFT space for example, since now it has low liquidity and people are only interested in the WAX space. Hopefully Voice can achieve this in the near future.

Where do you see EOS in 5 years?

We believe that the world will run on EOS. It is not an exaggeration to say this in our eyes. It is one of the fastest, lowest latency, and most scalable blockchains out there. EOS is called the people’s coin for a reason; It is affordable since it has no fees compared to other chains like Ethereum with its ridiculous Gas fees. With its delegated POS, it is the most decentralized blockchain out there with equal distribution on top 21 BPs unlike Ethereum for example, where a few top miners control the majority of the mining pool in what can only be called a bad pareto distribution. Moreover, EOS is tackling some of the previous governance issues via EdenOS, a revolutionary consensus building mechanism that is not only beneficial for EOS projects and their funding, but on solving higher issues as well. If there is success with this on EOS, the sky will be the limit and we may even find Eden used in other blockchains and possibly reach the level of being utilized in real-world elections helping to better protect people against the rigged results that currently exist in various parts of the world. In our opinion, EOS will be the leading new world currency while BTC will further solidify its hold and remain the new gold.

Which other EOSIO chains excite you the most and why? 

There are many actually.  For us, the main ones are as follows.  Telos is the best blockchain represented by fair governance and wonderfully supported by the community in addition to that it is a project that has gone up without an ICO. There are also many developers interested in developing on Telos and building decentralized applications which is really nice.  Wax is the first EOSIO network which managed to sell an impressive product in the form of NFTs that have real world appeal to many beyond blockchain.  Proton offers assistance to developers interested in listing their own store for NFTs and publishing on the proton network in addition to many advantages.  For us, the difference and diversity found in all versions of EOSIO shows its strength and the diversity is very beautiful.

What do you think the largest full scale application of Blockchain technology in general, and EOSIO particularly will be?   

In our opinion, transparency and compliance are the two main factors to fight the corruption we have in the current blockchain space. EOS is a public blockchain and is also complying with its PROFI which we believe will overtake the unlicensed DEFI space in no time.

If you could ask yourself one question in this interview, what would it be? 

Why has  EOS Arabia not taken sufficient votes from the EOS community even though they are the only EOSIO BP in the Middle East and North Africa (which is a massive area of 19 countries), and despite constant participation in the testnet and having a ready server on the mainnet?

For us it seems clear that there is a degree of collusion and imperfection in the current voting mechanism. Top 21 BPs will easily vote for each other leaving the other BPs in the dust with no incentives or rewards for operating EOS blockchain. 

There are many people who proposed a change in EOS BP reward mechanism. Maybe the allocation of some percentage from the inflation rate to give all BPs some rewards even those on standby and far in the ranks.  With the approval and enactment of such a proposal we believe that the network as a whole would be greatly improved and benefited, as it would keep all BP’s who wished to remain in the top 21 pushing to stay there and also give incentive to those that were not even in the standby as at least they would get something for their efforts.  

To learn more from EOS Arabia or connect with them directly you can do so with the links below: 





Thanks for joining us here on GenPool Spotlight and don’t forget to check back soon for our next instalment where we will continue peering under the hood of some of the great people and projects that help keep EOS and EOSIO continuing to tick. 

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