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Genpool Spotlight with Attic Lab

Last Updated: August 1, 2021

Welcome to another edition of GenPool Spotlight, where we go behind the scenes for exclusive interviews with some of the most dedicated EOSIO projects in the blockchain and crypto space. For this episode of GenPool Spotlight, we had the pleasure to touch base with the team over at Attic Lab and get some background into where they came from, what they do, how they are feeling, and what they have planned in the future for the EOS and EOSIO.  As many of you know, Attic Lab has had a career of being one of the most well known and reputable BP’s since the early days, but what you may not have known is all the things that they have been currently involved with that is so important for this ecosystem of ours that we collectively call home. With pleasantries out of the way then, let’s dive in and get the goods first hand from the team over at Attic Lab.  

Why EOS and how long have you been active in the EOSIO space? 

We started working with the EOS in early 2018, right after the Mainnet. During these years of company operations, we have put much effort into developing and supporting many blockchain technologies. The experience of our tech-savvy blockchain specialists has laid a strong foundation for change across many projects, and we are proud to be a part of it.

First of all, we were interested in technology, one of the fastest blockchain, free transactions, and many opportunities to run your product or decentralized application based on EOS, at that time, it was a revolution in the field of blockchain

In this recap, you will find detailed information on how we strive to improve the existing blockchain space across such projects as EOS.

If you wouldn’t mind, could you tell us a bit about your background and who is on the team?

Attic Lab is a software development company operating in the blockchain industry. Our team of tech-savvy blockchain developers and enthusiasts is located in Kyiv, Ukraine. Solid knowledge of computer science, software engineering and finance helps us to build blockchain-based solutions from scratch as well as to collaborate with other blockchain teams as an equal partner.

High-performance servers, broadband channels and advanced network topology allow us to show 99.9% uptime and generate blocks really fast. 

Attic Lab is a self-founded Block Producer, founded by Sergii Vasylchuk (CEO and Founder), Sergii Ropchan (CTO and Co-founder), Dmitry Chernobay (CBDO and Co-founder).

What are your key focus areas and have they changed since you first became a BP?

In the very beginning, the main focus was on decentralization and infrastructure support, new networks are constantly breaking down, and consensus needs to be reached between different teams scattered around the world.

At this stage, it is increasingly reduced to discussing governance and improving existing communication models between stakeholders, block producers, the community, and the foundation.

What is your infrastructure setup now and how has it changed over time?

At Attic Lab, we believe in the technology behind EOS. That is why we commit our resources to its development and mass adoption. As a Block Producer, we run a complex infrastructure with nodes located in Ukraine, Singapore, and Germany. Our top-notch hardware and software allow us to be the fastest EOS Block Producer.

We have deployed reliable API nodes for dApp development, and with the time upgraded our servers infrastructure so that we could provide higher uptime and performance. 

What was the most exciting project you have worked on in the EOS space?

It was fun to work on the Full History Solution for EOS Ecosystem – we wanted the network to scale in the future, thus back in 2019 we created a reliable database on the basis of SycllaDB / Cassandra.

Another project working on History solutions on EOS Mainnet was Elasticsearch Plugin (by AtticLab and EOSLAOMAO)

It was also exciting to participate in the life of other blockchain projects such as Telos and BOS. We’ve created wallets for them, anti fraud shield and other applications back in 2019.

What projects are you currently working on and what can we look forward to?

At the moment we are actively involved in community education, EOSIO events promotion, and dApp developers consultations. Our team keeps responsibility towards the EOS ecosystem by participating in EOS governance and development meetings so that we could propose solutions that benefit the whole ecosystem.

What are some killer dApps that you think could transform the blockchain industry?

As soon as my grandmother knows what a blockchain is and how it works – then it will happen, and you will not need a separate application.

Everything has to work together as a huge ecosystem.

Where do you see EOS in 5 years?

We believe that even in 5 years, EOS will occupy top positions next to ETH or BTC, because each of them has its own functions.

Which other EOSIO chains excite you the most and why? 

WAX definitely stands out for the opportunities it grants within the NFT market. One can now build dApps, games, marketplaces and more on WAX. Known for being ~125,000x more efficient than Ethereum and ~ 320,000x more efficient than the Bitcoin Network, the WAX blockchain is also the greenest blockchain so far. Not only is it more energy-efficient than other NFT projects, but it has gone a step further by actually reducing carbon emissions and offsetting more than 211 tonnes of carbon dioxide as of May 21, 2021! This is exciting indeed.

What do you think the largest full scale application of Blockchain technology in general, and EOSIO particularly will be?   

Mass adoption in the DeFi field, and hopefully in thе Governance, as well as proposing various tools for business management. Say, like ModiHost – a decentralised AI powered Hotel Management platform that tackles hoteliers problems using EOS technology. Taking into account that the businesses are able to create blockchain based apps, similarly to Google’s play store, it provides a wide scale of possible applications for EOSIO.

If you could ask yourself one question in this interview, what would it be?

I would probably ask myself a rather difficult and inconvenient question – something like when we can come together and solve a global problem – why the financial system does not work and how the blockchain can improve it. Still, unfortunately, this question will be rhetorical.

To learn more from Attic Lab or connect with them directly you can do so with the links below: 





Thanks for joining us here on GenPool Spotlight and don’t forget to check back soon for our next installment where we will continue peering under the hood of some of the great people and projects that helps keep EOS and EOSIO continuing to tick.  

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