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Horus Pay now on EOSToolKit – New Features


Last Updated: September 12, 2018

Horus Pay is now available on

GenerEOS is proud to introduce yet another new feature on Now you can stake and unstake HorusPay and well as claim ECASH.

What is Horus Pay?

Horus Pay is a decentralised Global Payroll Portal that allows companies to exchange private encrypted secured data with international payroll vendors using the Blockchain.

Horus Pay aims at saving companies money through their international payroll system buy cutting out fees of existing payroll vendors.

What is Ecash?

ECASH is the payment currency for the network. At the moment, HorusPay also allows holders of HORUS to stake their tokens and earn EOS CASH (ECASH) tokens in return.

Please note:

In the Horus Pay whitepaper Ecash is referred to as Horus Dollars

“In order to access the portal, users need to stake the Horus token. Every 30 days—until Horus dollars reaches its distributed consensus of $1,200,000,000.00 (approximately 82.19 years)—the Horus token will generate another digital asset called Horus dollar at a 0.1% rate. When Horus dollars reaches its distributed consensus, the Horus token will no longer be stakeable.”

Some additional features of Horus Pay include:

  1. Standard Global Reporting
  2. Automate input data
  3. Control Vendors
  4. Monitor SLA

Here is a brief explainer video of how Horus Pay works:

How to Stake HORUS PAY for ECASH

horus stake 1.jpg

Horus Stake.jpg

  1. Navigate to the Horus Pay tab on the left hand side of the toolkit.
  2. Attach Identity with Scatter (see Scatter tutorial)
  3. Select the quantity you would like to stake (this will be the amount of Horus Pay you wish to receive the ECASH rewards for).
  4. Once you have staked HorusPay tokens you will have the options to unstake and Claim or staked for ECASH (the minimum amount for staking is 10 HorusPay tokens).

Please Note: The unstaking process will take 7 days.

We hope you enjoy this new feature on our EOSToolKit. Stay tuned for our tutorial of our Multi Signature feature and many more to come.


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