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Scarce – The Ultimate NFT Studio!

Last Updated: July 4, 2021

GenerEOS is excited to announce the rollout of an NFT consulting and technology partner arm – Scarce.Studio!

The GenerEOS team have deep roots in the NFT space with our members working on some of the most prominent projects and with a history in the music and arts industries. Scarce has already consulted with multi-billion-dollar brands in varying industries, and we are passionate about incorporating this technology into modern society. We are excited to explore how businesses can use NFTs, customise them to suit their brands needs, and take care of all the development, mechanics, and assist with the ongoing technology and training requirements needed to enter and win the NFT space.

Keep your eyes peeled and ears open as we start announcing some exciting partnerships!

About GenerEOS

GenerEOS is a social enterprise Block Producer with a mission of promoting and supporting scalable and highly reliable block production whilst giving back to social causes and the wider community. Based out of Sydney, Australia, GenerEOS is founded by a team of like-minded blockchain enthusiasts with diverse backgrounds and a passion to make a difference in the world. 
About Scarce

Scarce is an NFT consulting and technology business partner to assist with the NFT process from beginning to end. We are pioneering the industry so businesses don’t need to take the risk. The mission at Scarce is to enable your brand to enter and win the NFT space.


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