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Simplifying Crypto: FIO Handles Explained


Last Updated: March 8, 2024


Have you ever found blockchain transactions to be cumbersome and complex? In a world where digital transactions are becoming increasingly widespread, the need for simplicity and ease of use cannot be overstated. FIO Protocol (FIO) offers a refreshing perspective on sending and receiving coins and tokens across the network. At its core, FIO brings simplicity to the forefront, recognizing the importance of user-friendly experience in the digital realm. 

Central to this innovation are FIO Crypto Handles – Intuitive identifiers similar to email addresses, linking individuals to their digital assets. This guide will explain what FIO Crypto Handles are and their characteristics, demonstrating how to create/use them. If you are interested in learning more about other blockchains and interesting topics, don’t forget to check out the GenerEOS blog for insightful content and updates.  

Exploring Crypto Handles

Let’s explore the world of FIO Crypto handles: FIO Crypto Handles adopt the construct of username@domain, such as bob@rulez, providing users with a familiar and intuitive way to interact with digital assets. The primary purpose of Handles is to eliminate the complexity associated with traditional wallet addresses. A Handle possesses several characteristics that set it apart in the realm of blockchain usability:

  • Each FIO Crypto Handle comes with a dedicated FIO Handle Profile page, providing users with a centralized hub to manage their digital identity and associated transactions.
  • Can be utilized to sign NFTs, offering a secure method to prove ownership and authenticity in the world of digital collectibles.
  • Each Handle comes bundled with 100 gas-free transactions.
  • Crypto Handles are non-expiring and can be transferred to any public key, providing users with control over their digital identities.
  • Handles can map to any public address on any blockchain; On top of that, users have the flexibility to map their handles to social media handles, further integrating their digital presence with blockchain transactions. 
  • Enhanced usability: With their user-friendly format and intuitive design, FIO Crypto Handles simplify the process of sending and receiving cryptocurrencies, particularly for newcomers to the blockchain space.

For more detailed information about FIO Crypto Handles and their characteristics, visit FIO’s official website.

How to Create a FIO Crypto Handle

There are several ways to generate Crypto handles and create a new FIO Account. Today we are going to create a new account through FIO’s official app, but there is also a possibility to generate a new FIO Handle from different wallets directly. A list of supported wallets can be found on FIO’s webpage.

First, visit the FIO app’s webpage type in the desired username, and press the “Get it” button. 

Based on availability, the system will offer you different versions of your username. You may be offered free options as well as paid options. Choose the desired username and simply add it to the shopping cart. 

If this is the only purchase you would like to make, it will be completely free. Move to the cart and press the “Complete Transaction” button. Before finalizing the transaction and purchasing the Crypto Handle, the system will ask you to create a new account and register using your e-mail. The process is straightforward. 

After completing the registration process and purchasing the handle, just in a few seconds, it will appear on the main page. As you can see from the screenshot below, the system automatically gives you 100 gas-free transactions and other buttons allow you to add/request funds, link social account handles, and all the other benefits that have been listed in the previous chapter. 


In conclusion, with FIO Crypto Handle’s intuitive design, seamless integration across platforms, with an array of user-friendly features, they represent a pivotal step towards the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies. By simplifying the complex process of sending and receiving digital assets, FIO has paved the way for a more inclusive and user-centric blockchain experience.


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