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The EOS Mainnet Launch: Security & Software Testing


Last Updated: July 9, 2018

Disclaimer: As a token holder, it is important that you do nothing during this period. Never expose your private key to anyone for any reason. Only when it is formally announced safe by multiple trusted Block Producer Candidates should you attempt to participate in voting or other actions. Ignoring this statement could result in the loss of tokens.

The State of the Launch

Since the token freeze on 1 June 22:59:59 UTC, the EOS Mainnet Launch Group (EMLG) has been working tirelessly toward a secure and seamless launch. Each day, the EMLG has met together via video conference from around the world to review strategic and tactical plans. The work we do follows the sun from one longitude to the next allowing one team to sleep while another awakes for a full day ahead.

What We Have Accomplished

The EOS Mainnet GitHub

The repo has been officially established and can be found here for review. The current owners of this repo are temporary and a full community review of the process management of the repo will take place within the weeks following launch.

The Token Snapshot

Eight independent tests conducted by members of the EMLG and one third party have verified that 163930 accounts within the snapshot hold the correct amount of EOS. All snapshots can be found here.

System Accounts & Contracts Are Valid

The EMLG has successfully validated that the system accounts eosio.bpay, eosio.msig, eosio.names, eosio.ram, eosio.ramfee, eosio.saving, eosio.stake, eosio.token, and eosio.vpay have been correctly created. We have also validated that the following contracts have been correctly installed with ricardian contracts where needed: eosio (system), eosio.token, and eosio.msig.

Candidate Chains

Two candidate chains currently exist which have been used as the basis for our thorough testing over the last 48 hours. Per the original EMLG statement, only one will be presented to the community as the Mainnet called EOS.

Testing & Decision-Making Framework

During testing, The EMLG will prioritize discovered issues according to the following framework:

  • P0: Do not do anything else, this is a blocker.
  • P1: Must be fixed.
  • P2: Should be fixed, time and resource permitting.
  • P3: Might get fixed.
  • P4: Noted for future.

Discovery of P0 and P1 issues will result in additional time being added to patch and test. The amount of time added to the launch process due to discovery of P0 or P1 issues will be at the sole discretion of the EMLG.

Security as a Priority

Security is a top priority of the EOS Mainnet Launch Group. We are very pleased to announce well-known and highly regarded specialized security firms are joining the EMLG in order to standardize the security practices at a Block Producer Candidate level. The specific firms joining will be responsible for announcing themselves once details are finalized. The valuable and professional insights which our partners will provide will enable a safe avenue for launch and beyond.

A security-focused test-network has been established for all Block Producer Candidates who wish to join and endure rigorous testing of their infrastructure. This test-net will continue to exist after launch to provide ongoing security support and will be an asset to the community.

Software Testing

A validation group has been established within the greater EMLG to organize and direct the software testing that will run concurrently with the security validation period. We’ve compiled an exhaustive list of software tests which will be executed by dozens of Block Producer Candidate teams. These tests aim to ensure that all of the functionality of the software is working as expected.

Update on Launch Timeline

While we want to be as thorough as possible we also do not want to delay the launch unnecessarily. If no immediate P0 or P1 issues are discovered within the next few days (not weeks or months), we will launch the EOS Mainnet as we continue testing. Committing to a firm launch date prior to running these tests would be irresponsible but we will release another statement on the current status of the launch within the next 48 hours.

To track changes as they are being made, you can follow the launch-rc (Release Candidate) branch of the EOS Mainnet code repository here.

-The EOS Mainnet Launch Group (EMLG)


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