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The Top 3 Reasons The EOS MainNet Launch Was Delayed


Last Updated: July 9, 2018

Why was the EOS Mainnet Launch Delayed?

As a Block Producer candidate actively working to support the successful deployment of the EOSIO mainnet, GenerEOS has been eagerly anticipating this launch since we began working towards the June 2nd mainnet launch commencement date.

However, as we waited for the GO vote for main net launch by the Block Producer candidates, I prepared and would like to share the top 3 reasons why a delayed launch is good for EOS.

# 3 – Protecting a $13+ Billion Investment

Today’s statistics from has EOS’s market capitalization valued at over 13 Billion dollars – which is not an insignificant sum.

How does that market cap compare to a traditional company? According to’s 2018 list of the 2000 top companies in the world…

EOS is about twice the size of the petroleum heavyweight Caltex Australia $6Billion and global Airline Cathay Pacific Airways valued at $6.6 Billion.

Is a bit larger than Fujitsu Corporation of Japan valued at $12.8 Billion.

And is around the same value as energy behemoth Origin Energy Australia worth $13.1 Billion.

This puts into perspective the value placed in EOSIO’s potential,
and we don’t even have a LIVE blockchain yet!

# 2 – Confidence In the Security of the Code

It goes without saying that when so much money is at stake, confidence in the security of the protocol is paramount.

Therefore securing the EOSIO network and also protecting all of its participants including the Block Producers, DApp developers and EOS token holders is high up on the priority list.

So we want to make sure that the system works as expected and with no surprises when mainnet launches. The team at GenerEOS believes EOS can change the world, so we want to get it right the first time, right?

# 1 – Community Alignment

EOS Block One has always been about allowing the community to debate and decide the direction of the EOS Blockchain.

The EOS community has members from all around the globe and as such we want the whole community to be confident that we are launching a single, secure, robust and available network.

The last thing we want is for disengagement and a community split. Therefore delaying the mainnet launch so the whole community has time to debate issues and concerns and rigorously test the code prior to launch is time well spent.

After all, if we believe EOS will change the world, it’ll be around for a very long time. And getting it as right as possible before launching, by allowing extra due diligence, is time well spent.

What do you think?
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