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The Road to 150MM: Greymass EOS Voter Tool Endorsement


Last Updated: July 9, 2018


Finding the right tool to vote is an important part of EOS governance participation. Understanding that this has been an issue for many, 11 Block Producer Candidates have come together to recommend a single and straight-forward tool to help the community achieve the validation threshold of 150MM tokens.

First and foremost, we want to remind the community that the only verifiably secure voting method (provided by Block One) at this time is through the cleos command-line wallet interface. Anyone who knows your private key has complete access to your EOS tokens and any voting done without offline transaction signing exposes you to some risk of your private key being compromised.

EOS Voter and Light Wallet

Exhaustive security audits on all third party wallets, browser extensions or voting portals have yet to be completed (though we encourage submissions!). However, if you want to vote now with an intuitive graphical user interface, the Block Producer Candidates listed at the bottom of this joint statement endorse the use of the Greymass EOS Voter wallet for Windows, MacOS, and Linux. The EOS Voter wallet is localized in six languages (including Korean and Chinese) and this 90 second tutorialshows how easy it is to vote with.

Further Considerations

  • EOS Voter’s current version of open source code (v0.1.5) has been reviewed by Syed from EOS Cafe Calgary (outbound connections), Nathan from GenerEOS (key signing) and Sam from EOS Dublin (end-to-end audit) and they have found no evidence of malicious or dangerous software behavior.
  • Since EOS Voter is an application that’s downloaded to your desktop, your private key is never transmitted to the internet, where it could be compromised. If you choose to save your private key(optional), it is encrypted locally using secure and proven methods.
  • To be sure that your download has not been tampered with, you should only download releases from the official Greymass github repositoryor build the code yourself if you know how. Instructions on validating releases will be released in the future for additional peace of mind.
  • Please only use API URLs that make use of HTTPS instead of HTTP for security.
  • Finally, the team behind Greymass have developed a positive reputation within the STEEM community by releasing a number of popular applications, services, and frameworks for that blockchain. You can learn more about the organization and those projects on the Greymass website.

We’d also like to take a moment to remind you that votes for the teamgreymass block production candidate support further releases from Greymass. The team has years of combined experience producing blocks for Steem, Golos, Decent, Peerplays, Muse, and Karma. Greymass has an active Telegram channel where you can speak to the team directly, and they post regular updates to steemit and Twitter.

We urge you to do your own research and review the provided resources, but if you feel comfortable with the risk level, we think that EOS Voter is one of the safest GUI options out there.

BP Endorsements

EOS Cafe Calgary (eoscafeblock)
EOS New York (eosnewyorkio)
eosDAC (eosdacserver)
GenerEOS (aus1genereos)
SaltBlock (saltblockeos)
HKEOS (hkeoshkeosbp)
EOSYS (eosyskoreabp)
EOS Dublin (eosdublinwow)
EOS NodeOne (eosnodeonebp)
EOS CANNON (eoscannonchn)
EOS Silicon Valley (eossv12eossv)


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