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EOS Premium Name Auctions – Get In Early With Our New Tool!


Last Updated: July 10, 2018

Name Bidding Tool on EOS

We have developed a tool as a part of our EOSToolkit suite that will allow you to begin bidding on the looming premium name auctions.

Premium names will not start being awarded until 14 days after the mainnet is unlocked (150mil votes), however you can begin bidding on them immediately. The details of this process can be found on our Name Bidding and Premium Names on EOS steemit post.

Only the highest bid name of all names will be awarded once per day. We have provided a table that shows all the current name auctions and highest bids. You can enter search criteria in the form to see if your name has already been bid on.

What are Premium Names?

Premium names will be available in the form of “suffixes”. This is essentially the same idea as the Top Level Domain (TLD) used for website addresses:

The owner of these premium names would then be able to generate new accounts that can be up to (but not longer) than the 12 character limit, and may include a “dot”. The owner of .mydapp could create user1.mydapp, iam.mydapp, whatever they wish. These accounts are unable to be deleted and may be given away at the discretion (or for the correct price) of the owner of the premium name.

name auction.png


  1. Head over to
  2. Attach Identity with Scatter – Tutorial can be found here
  3. Enter your account name in the bidder section
  4. Enter name you wish to bid on
  5. Enter the amount you wish to bid
  6. Click “Bid Name”

You can view at all the current auction names in the live tracker


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