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EOS is UNLOCKED – You can unstake your EOS now!


Last Updated: July 10, 2018

The EOS Mainnet is Unlocked

Thanks everyone who has voted during this period. Your votes have helped unlock the mainnet. Many exciting things are happening now:

  • The top 21 block producers are now producing blocks making the network decentralised and more robust.
  • Active and standby block producers can now receive block rewards allowing them to continue contributing to the community.
  • Everyone can unstake EOS – this means you will soon be able to withdraw from exchanges and vote if you haven’t already
  • Premium name auction begins in 14 days

Unstake your EOS

GenerEOS immediately shipped an updated version of our populate EOS Toolkit to provide staking and unstaking capability to the public. Be sure to checkout our previous steemit article for a tutorial on how to link scatter to do this.

Screen Shot 2018-06-15 at 6.03.17 am.png

Please still stake and vote

Everyone has different goals with EOS. You may want to start developing a Dapp, move funds to a named account, or sell it. We hope that whatever your goal with EOS you will remember to stake it when you can and vote for block producers you support and trust. By voting for these block producers you enable them to keep giving back to the EOS community.


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