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First EOS Arbitration Order

Last Updated: July 10, 2018

This is a historic event

This may be the first time a governance system and essentially a “rule of law” has been used in the blockchain space. The elected block producers will be required to follow the emergency measures provided by the order. In a world filled with fraud, key theft, and scams, it is exciting to see that this is a blockchain that can provide safety and security to the participants rather than the bitcoin and ethereum philosophy of “too bad”.

About ECAF

EOSIO is a governed blockchain that allows free entry to a rules based environment. The existence of arbitration is a core value proposition of the EOSIO software and requires an independent Arbitration Forum to deal with disputes that may arise between parties operating on the blockchain.


  • Is an Arbitration Forum for and by the EOS Community
  • Comprises of carefully vetted, independent Arbitrators. Our Arbitrators are specially trained to consider the special context of arbitration of blockchain disputes.
  • Is based on arbitration rules that are globally applicable and have been developed by combining the latest thinking on blockchain dispute resolution, as well as best practices from international arbitral forums.

You can find more information, or even register and submit claims at ECAF


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