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Reduce Friction and Boost Returns: REX 2.0 & FREE Powerups for Genpool Proxy voters


Last Updated: May 15, 2023


The EOS network has recently implemented significant updates to its tokenomics, setting the stage for a more robust economic framework. These changes are designed to enhance the predictability and stability of the EOS token economy, which now includes enticing staking rewards with some of the highest yields in the industry. This article highlights the newly introduced EOS staking rewards and details Genpool Proxy’s new feature offer of free daily CPU powerups.

New Tokenomics Reform and EOS Staking Rewards 

The tokenomics reform introduces a fixed supply of EOS tokens, capping the total at 2.1 billion, to remove inflation and make EOS deflationary. This change introduces structured vesting schedules, strategic fund use for market making, redistribution of system fees to block producers, and improving staking rewards to encourage active, informed network governance participation. These changes aim to make the EOS network more transparent, efficient, and user-centric. If you want to learn more about these reforms, follow the link.

Starting by the beginning of July, the new staking rewards system (REX 2.0) allows EOS token holders who lock their tokens to participate in governance and generate a healthy yield on their tokens. The new system increases the lock-up period from 4 to 21 days with yields expected to start above 30%, reducing as more EOS is staked.


Genpool Proxy and Free Daily CPU Powerups

Genpool, developed by GenerEOS, serves as a dynamic free market ecosystem within the EOS network.  It connects voters with Block Producers (BPs) to share their mining income. In addition to REX 2.0 staking rewards, users can vote through Genpool to earn additional daily yield rewards. These rewards come from a percentage of the income generated by BPs, typically between 2-5% APR. Genpool also offers free daily CPU power-ups for your account. This system fosters a mutually beneficial relationship between token holders and block producers. It ensures that contributions to network stability and governance are rewarded, while reducing UX friction.

Staking with Genpool Proxy offers several advantages that enhance the EOS user experience:

  • Free Daily CPU Powerups: If you vote with Genpool Proxy, you receive free daily CPU powerups. This feature helps users automate their resources more effectively, ensuring smoother transactions and interactions on the EOS network.
  • Additional Yield: Users can earn additional yield rewards by voting through Genpool Proxy. This is on top of the already existing REX 2.0 rewards. 
  • Active Governance Participation: Voting through Genpool Proxy enables users to actively participate in EOS governance. This allows them to have a say in the selection of quality Block Producers, thereby directly influencing the network’s efficiency and reliability.

Details of the NEW Free Daily CPU Powerup Feature

Genpool Proxy introduces a tiered CPU powerup system to reward users based on their staking levels, enhancing their experience and interaction within the EOS network. Here are the details of this new feature:

  • Minimum Staking Requirement: Users must stake a minimum of 50 EOS to qualify for daily CPU powerups.
  • Tiered Powerup Levels:
    • Basic Powerup: For users staking between 50 to 1,000 EOS. This level offers powerups equivalent to the free service provided by, ensuring basic transactional capabilities are maintained.
    • Advanced Powerup: For users staking between 1,000 to 10,000 EOS. This level provides a powerup that is five times the amount offered at the Basic level, catering to more active users who need greater resources to manage their transactions.
    • Gold Powerup: For users staking over 10,000 EOS. This premium level offers ten times the powerup of the Basic level, designed for the most committed and influential participants in the network, providing substantial computational resources.

These structured powerup levels are designed to incentivise higher stakes with greater rewards, ensuring that the most active and supportive users of the Genpool Proxy receive the benefits commensurate with their contributions to the network.

How to Get Started

To take advantage of the staking rewards and free daily CPU powerups offered by Genpool Proxy, you need to stake your EOS tokens and vote appropriately. Staking and voting through Genpool Proxy is straightforward:

  1. Visit the Guide: For a detailed step-by-step guide on how to stake EOS tokens and vote for Genpool Proxy, please visit the Genpool Getting Started Guide.
  2. Vote for Genpoolproxy: Remember, Genpoolproxy is the only proxy on Genpool that provides free daily CPU powerups. Ensure that you direct your vote to Genpoolproxy to qualify for these benefits.

By following these steps, you can maximize your rewards and contribute to the EOS ecosystem effectively.


The recent updates to EOS tokenomics and the introduction of Genpool Proxy’s free daily CPU powerups present valuable opportunities for EOS token holders. By staking your EOS tokens, you benefit from increased rewards through the new staking rewards system and Genpoolproxy while contributing to the network’s governance and stability. Additionally, Genpool Proxy’s unique offer of daily CPU powerups for voters reduces friction and enhances your ability to perform transactions and interact on the network efficiently.To fully leverage these new features and rewards, we encourage you to stake your EOS tokens and cast your votes for Genpool Proxy. This will ensure you maximize the returns on your investment while actively participating in the growth of the EOS ecosystem. Start today by visiting the Genpool Getting Started Guide!


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