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Proton Consortium Quarterly Update – August 2023

Last Updated: August 16, 2023


The following quarterly update covers all the latest developments at the Proton Consortium, including changes to the worker proposal system, updates to block producer requirements and protocol, and updates to the ecosystem. These updates provide transparency and act as a source of truth to inform the Proton community. If you haven’t read the last one, you can find it here.

Who and what is the Proton Consortium?

The consortium is made up of a mix of well-respected block producers, along with Metallicus, that acts as a point of contact for subjective matters for the Proton blockchain such as setting block producer standards, implementing a workers proposal system, liaison for governance issues, working with core developers for protocol upgrades, and more. The consortium is currently made up of Cryptolions, GenerEOS, EOS Amsterdam, Protonnz, EOS USA, and Metallicus.

Block Producers (BPs)

The Proton Consortium members and Block Producers are diligently focusing on enhancing their infrastructure for smooth operations. This quarter has seen no new Block Producer additions, with the primary emphasis on ensuring the reliability of the existing setup. Notably, a new code of conduct has been introduced, serving as a guideline for behavior. Stricter measures have also been implemented, leading to the removal of Block Producers that didn’t meet infrastructure standards, underscoring the community’s commitment to a strong network.

Proton Ecosystem

The Proton ecosystem is changing and gaining more support from its members every day. Staying updated about the latest news and progress in the blockchain ecosystem is important for its success. 

Significant updates within the ecosystem Include:

CCXT for ProtonDEX – The developers at Metallicus have recently published a fork of CCXT that is compatible with Proton DEX.

Governance Dashboard – Proton Governance dashboard has over 60 active proposals. A dashboard is an essential tool for individuals and organizations interested in participating in the decision-making process on the proton network. Use the following link to learn more about the dashboard.

New Listing – Litecoin, the widely known Proof-of-Work cryptocurrency created by Charlie Lee in 2011 is now available for trading on Proton DEX. 

New Team Member at Metallicus – Gaetano Melazzo has joined the team as a Product Owner. He brings a wealth of experience in the world of trading and is dedicated to the growth of the trading engine on Proton. 

WebAuth Updates – The latest version of the WebAuth Wallet is now available on both Android and iOS! Stake $Metal and interact directly with Layer Zero. To learn more about the mentioned updates use the following link.

And this is not all!  A new affiliate program for WebAuth and Proton DEX is in progress. At the same time, Woocommerece & Discourse plugins are almost finished, while Metallicus is making progress on the HummingBot project. Stay tuned and join the Proton Announcements telegram channel, so as not to miss important updates. 

Protocol Development Updates

The Proton team is dedicated to providing a seamless and secure platform for its users by constantly monitoring ongoing changes and updates in the Antelope stack to improve the network’s functionality. Leap 3.1.5, 3.2.4, and 4.0.4 have been released, and BPs were required to update to these versions.

On top of that, after dedicated work from builders across the Antelope ecosystem, Antelope Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) was launched. IBC technology and communication have the ability to dramatically improve user experience by allowing for seamless communication and asset transfers across all powered/supported Antelope chains (EOS, Telos, WAX, and UX). Detailed information regarding IBC can be found through the following link. With the rising interest and demand for inter-blockchain communication consortium members will discuss its relevance to Proton, keep track of developments in that space and think of possible development ideas/plans that could positively impact the ecosystem.


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