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Proton Consortium Quarterly Update – May 2023

Last Updated: May 15, 2023


The following quarterly update covers all the latest developments at the Proton Consortium, including changes to the worker proposal system, updates to block producer requirements and protocol, and updates to the ecosystem. These updates provide transparency and act as a source of truth to inform the Proton community. If you haven’t read the last one, you can find it by clicking the following link.

Who and what is the Proton Consortium?

The consortium is made up of a mix of well-respected block producers, along with Metallicus, that acts as a point of contact for subjective matters for the Proton blockchain such as setting block producer standards, implementing a workers proposal system, liaison for governance issues, working with core developers for protocol upgrades, and more. The consortium is currently made up of Cryptolions, GenerEOS, EOS Amsterdam, Protonnz, EOS USA, and Metallicus.

Proton Blockchain Development Fund

The Proton Blockchain Development Fund is dedicated to driving the growth and development of innovative projects within the Proton ecosystem. The newly improved Proton Grant Program, funded by the Community Warchest, aims to foster collaboration, drive innovation, and provide financial support to individuals, teams, and companies building on the Proton Blockchain. It should be noted that the grant framework is now listed and available on Blockworks Grantfarm alongside some other great blockchain initiatives.

With a significant investment of 2 billion XPR, valued at over $3 million USD, the Proton community is committed to supporting and accelerating the development of innovative projects on the Proton Blockchain. By offering ample funding, the program attracts a wide range of talent, from individual developers to established companies, who can contribute to the ecosystem’s growth and diversity.

The Proton Grant Program has been revamped to streamline the application process, increase transparency, and encourage participation. The program offers grants to individuals, small teams, and companies, with a preference for open-source projects. Additionally, there are Recognition Grants that may be awarded to projects that have already made a significant impact on the ecosystem, at the discretion of the Proton Consortium.

Already, the Proton Grant Program has received 12 applications, and the first Proton development fund grant has been awarded to Bsprouts for their “Video Marketing Package” project. More information about the application process and evaluation can be found on the Proton Grant Program’s GitHub. With the Proton Blockchain Development Fund and the Proton Grant Program, the Proton community is committed to driving innovation and growth within the blockchain industry.

Block Producers (BPs)

The Proton Consortium members and Block Producers are working hard to make sure their infrastructure is up to par. For this quarter, there have been no new additions to the BP roster. The top priority at the moment is ensuring the smooth operation of the BPs. Recently, due to the departures, there have been several challenges in terms of block production, but now the situation is stabilizing and the public API infrastructure that BPs are providing are being reviewed.  Well-functioning infrastructure stands as a guarantee in terms of the stability and security of the blockchain network. A reliable infrastructure helps to increase the confidence of users and stakeholders in the network, which is essential for the growth and adoption of the Proton chain.

Proton Ecosystem

The Proton ecosystem continues to evolve and its members’ support is increasing daily. Updates, news, and progress within the blockchain ecosystem are crucial to its success! This drives growth, fosters innovation, and attracts new users, opening doors for even more exciting opportunities. Stay informed about the latest developments to ensure you are making the most of the amazing benefits that the Proton has to offer. 

Significant updates within the ecosystem Include:

Governance Dashboard – The new Proton Blockchain governance dashboard is in the final testing phase. By leveraging the dashboard, organizations can engage with their communities, receive valuable feedback, and shape the future of their organizations. More information related to the working principles of voting systems and their main features can be found through the following link.  

April’s Token Burn – On April 2nd Proton completed another token burn of 5,399,184 $XPR. A token burn is an important event as it reduces the overall supply of tokens in circulation leading to an increase in the value of the remaining tokens By burning tokens, Proton shows its commitment to creating a scarcity of its tokens, which will lead to increased demand and value for $XPR in the long term.

Supporting Educational Content – From lending crypto to creating a limit order on ProtonDEX, the Proton team has created a range of tutorials. Mentioned videos help both new and experienced users to navigate the platforms’ features with ease. Whether you are looking to learn the basics or enhance your knowledge, this initiative is a valuable resource for anyone interested in the Proton Blockchain. A list of all videos can be found on the Metallicus Youtube channel

Investor Update – Metallicus has announced the release of its Q1 2023 Investor Report, highlighting the significant progress and achievements made towards building a customer-centric digital asset banking network. The Investor Report offers insights into the company’s achievements during the first quarter of 2023, providing investors with a comprehensive overview of Metallicus’ growth and development. 

Protocol Development Updates

The Proton team is dedicated to providing a seamless and secure platform for its users constantly monitoring ongoing changes and updates to improve the network’s functionality. As part of this commitment, all mainnet and testnet nodes have been updated to Leap 3.2.1, a stable version that has been in use on the EOS network for several months. 

On top of that, after dedicated work from builders across the Antelope ecosystem, a few months ago Antelope IBC was launched. Inter-Blockchain technology and communication have the ability to dramatically improve user experience by allowing for seamless communication and asset transfers across all powered/supported chains. Detailed information regarding IBC can be found through the following link. With the rising interest and demand for inter-blockchain communication consortium members will discuss its relevance to Proton, keep track of developments in that space and think of possible development ideas/plans that could bring positive impact to the ecosystem.


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