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XPR Network Consortium Quarterly Update – November 2023

Last Updated: November 28, 2023


The following quarterly update covers all the latest developments at the XPR Consortium, including changes to the worker proposal system, updates to block producer requirements and protocol, and updates to the ecosystem. These updates provide transparency and act as a source of truth to inform the XPRcommunity. If you haven’t read the last one, you can find it here.

Introducing XPR Network

We’re excited to introduce the launch of the XPR Network, marking the transition from Proton blockchain. This rebranding comes with a new look and a revamped website, reflecting our dedication to reshape the blockchain landscape. Our mission revolves around making blockchain accessible for everyone and businesses. The XPR Network stands out for its instant transactions, zero gas fees, and on-chain identity verification. To advance further and accommodate financial institutions, we’re adopting the ISO 20022 standard for financial messaging. This transformation signifies a new phase focused on growth, positivity, and recognition of our technical advancements.

Who and what is the XPR Consortium?

The consortium is made up of a mix of well-respected block producers, along with Metallicus, that acts as a point of contact for subjective matters for the XPR blockchain such as setting block producer standards, implementing a workers proposal system, liaison for governance issues, working with core developers for protocol upgrades, and more. The consortium is currently made up of Cryptolions, GenerEOS, EOS Amsterdam, Protonnz, Alvosec, and Metallicus.

Block Producers (BPs)

The XPR Network Consortium members and Block Producers are actively improving their infrastructure for smoother operations. Currently, three new BPs—dankbp, xprlabs, and artwebin—are being tested on the network and getting ready to join the mainnet soon. Ensuring network stability, non-functioning BPs have been removed to make operations more reliable. Additionally, issues with existing BPs have been resolved promptly, making the network more dependable and stable. The consortium is also inviting new BPs to join the network soon, further strengthening its foundation.

XPR Ecosystem

The XPR Network ecosystem is evolving steadily, receiving growing support from its members regularly. It’s crucial to stay informed about the latest news and progress within the blockchain ecosystem for its continued success. 

Key updates within the ecosystem include:

Governance Dashboard – Check out the beautifully updated XPR Network Governance Dashboard here.

PayPal USD Now Supported – We are excited to announce that from September $PYUSD is now fully supported on XPR Network.

Metal X API – Metal X API offers seamless integration for your trading algorithms, allowing you to leverage real-time market data. Designed for high-frequency trading, it ensures speed, reliability, and a swift experience. Begin your development journey at Metal X.

Block Producer Guide – Recently a detailed article was published guiding aspiring individuals on Becoming a Block Producer. This comprehensive resource offers step-by-step instructions and crucial insights for those keen on contributing to network governance. 

For more updates and news, follow XPR network on Twitter and visit our Webpage.

XPR Development Updates

The XPR Network team is dedicated to ensuring a smooth and secure platform for everyone, closely following Antelope stack updates to enhance network performance. Consortium members actively discuss these updates’ impact on XPR Network, brainstorming ideas for improvement. Recently, a significant majority of Block Producers successfully transitioned to the latest version, Leap 4.0.4, resulting in a faster, more reliable network. This update marks a pivotal advancement in fortifying the network’s infrastructure for the benefit of all users.


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